PT. XENA PRANADIPA DHIA CAKRA (XPDC) is a dynamic provider of comprehensive logistics company with knowledge and professionalism since 2018 based in Indonesia.



With many experiences in handling international and domestic airfreight and sea freight shipments, we offer a profound and personal approach to fulfill customer’s need in any size of business.

Due to demand of the customers, the services of ours has expanded to land freight, customs clearance brokerage, warehousing & packaging also handcarry service that makes us become a one-stop logistics partner.


  • Customer Focus : work hard to make sure that every  customer is satisfied customer. The best way to exceed our customer’s expectations is to listen carefully to their needs
  • Employee Focus : Empower our employees to maximize their potential. Highly motivated employees are more creative and productive
  • Teamwork : work together as a team to overcome challenges and surpass our goals. Sharing a common vision makes us stronger and helps us accomplish great things
  • Communication : We always communicate to our network that makes us always connected
  • Continuous improvement : always push ourselves to do things better. No matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement
  • Compliance : We are committed to conducting our daily operations in accordance with the import and export control laws and regulations of every countries.


  • Allowing all productive employees & strategic partners to participate and enjoy the growth of the company and to share the prosperity
  • To fully understand customers’ needs and to utilize all available technology & resources to pro-actively & creatively advise & provide the services to our customers for the growth of our business together
  • To learn ways to improve our competitive edge at all times in order to establish the most competitive transportation & logistics service company


is to become the main-role in world’s logistic traffic. We realize that we are part of our customer businesses as we always strive to make our customer’s goods are delivered quickly and precisely.


We diversified service offering includes unique logistic handling and services to meet our customer’s unique request. We present our customers a center of excellence they can partner with and benefit from full transparency and a sincere commitment to mutual success.