XPDC provides with a seamless logistics program with the most effective combination of global air, ocean and road transport, customs clearance and all related services. Committed to the implementation of leading-edge of technology, we maintain our ongoing pledge to providing superior personalized service. Positioned in the high-service end of the industry, our greatest strength lines in our employees and their unparalleled knowledge of international business.


Airfreight can reduce the total logistics cost for urgent or time-critical logistical challenges. By combining the speed of air with the cost savings of other modes, backed by smooth and efficient customs and administrative procedures, customers can enjoy the best of both worlds; reducing inventory and improving their own service offer with faster response times at affordable cost.



Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is one of the longest established forms of transporting goods internationally. It’s also one of the most economical. While air freight is favoured for time-sensitive shipments, sea freight is still the first choice for many businesses and individuals looking for a cost-effective solution.

Small businesses and individual customers may not typically consider sea freight as a viable option, as it tends to be associated with larger companies exporting high volumes of commercial cargo. But sea freight services can also be a great option for transporting personal effects.

With our LCL (Less Container Load) service, you don’t need to have enough cargo to fill a whole container in order to get a beneficial shipping rate. But if you do, we also offer FCL (Full Container Load) shipments.


Finding additional capacity during business surges, optimizing your traffic patterns, increasing efficiency and controlling costs and transportation management isn’t easy – but it’s much less complicated when you turn to us.

We’re well-equipped to meet your needs for on-time, reliable and cost-effective transportation services. You’ll benefit from the reliability and quality of our ability to manage all your outbound and inbound freight.

We offer a full range of transportation capabilities nationwide such as :

  • Trucking Services / Container Trucking Services
  • Machinery moving services
  • Lorry Crane Services (7 to 25 tones)
  • Low bed / multi axle Trailer
  • Mobile Crane & Lifting Operation Services
  • Small truck / van delivery



We can provide storage facilities, in dry, clean and save environment. All the received goods are recorded includes the package or box number, description and packer code. This list will be used to cross check at loading and ensuring that none of your goods are left behind or mixed with other clients.

We fully understand that different type of goods needs different type of package in order to meet logistical standards to prevent any damages to your shipment. Our packaging services offer services that enables you to focus on your core business, reduce cost and ship your products in a safe and secure way.


As Batam is well-known as one of Free Trade Zone area in Indonesia which require different clearance document from any other region, for speedy custom clearance of everyday shipments, we offers personalized solutions to provide uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your supply chain by avoiding delays, fines and penalties.




If you have small packages need to be at destination where the time is extremely critical, our handcarry services is the best option you need to consider.

For now, this service only available in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.